Voice-OverMikeNeed a professional premium female voice over for your next project?  Need a Voice Over artist to come to your studio? or ... Need voice files delivered to your desk, anywhere in the world, via email or FTP?

Dynamic – Intelligent – Versatile - Artistic – Chess Julia Allan is a D.I.V.A. in the voice arena with a strong range of vocal skills that make any Copy Writer, Producer or Director’s life a 'real breeze'!

Chess has the ability to deliver a great read on theatrical scripts, corporate scripts and commercial scripts, right through to really natural reads - and doesn't mind delivering the read in as many different ways as the director wants it done - just to get it exactly the way they originally heard it in their head. Nothing is ever too much trouble!

With over two decades worth of entertainment work and experience - both in New York and in Australia, Chess-Julia was the host of Good Health Television and her voice is still heard regularly on National Australian Television, on National Australian Radio, Corporates - both here and internationally, Australian on-hold, Multimedia, and you'll often hear her singing on some well known Jingles. In addition her international Voice work can be heard across Europe and the USA, including many jingles Chess has written, performed and produced.

Call to discuss your requirements and your budget for your next project. Even if you have a tight budget you are welcome to chat about what you are after and we can talk about options.
Chess-Julia Allan is available seven days a week on 0419 502 800.

Chess-Julia has five Voice Over demos available for you to listen to - including a compile of general commercial work - showing dynamics and range, a corporate,documentary and educational demo and animation and character samples plus an International compile and for specialised heavy retail, a small cross section of 'rip-it-up' retail Voice Overs.

To book Chess for professional Voice Over work - either in your studio - or for any scripts you may wish to have recorded as Voice Over only in her own Voice Over booth and then emailed or sent via FTP directly to you - call Chess Julia Allan, directly in Melbourne on 0419 502 800 anytime from 8am to 8pm each day - and let's talk about what you need.